Your Private Resort in Mykonos !!


Even though we experience trying times, Destiny Resort Mykonos is caring for its guests providing them with luxurious experience as well as safety for their stay.

We prioritize our guests’ health and take very seriously the matters of cleanliness and hygiene.

To ensure the well-being of you and our team, we will be applying health & safety measures and strictly follow all guidelines and regulations of the Greek government, Greek Health Authorities and the World Health Organization.

Our team is accurately trained to recognize COVID-19 symptoms and in such cases, they would alert the relevant person in charge by taking the proper actions as instructed in training.

Furthermore, our team will follow the already meticulous cleaning and disinfecting protocols, standards & behaviors as well as the increased frequency of the above cleaning procedures. Our team is also provided with personal protection equipment for the sake of the guests’ hygiene and theirs.

In addition, we have already installed sanitizers and disinfecting wipes in strategic places throughout the vicinity of the resort.

We insure your stay in Destiny Resort Mykonos will be safe as well as heavenly enjoyed. Thank you for trusting in us.